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May. 2nd, 2007

only got a few minutes

MAN last nights rehersal was AWSOME, tiring and at times frusterating, but Awsome.  It's so nice to have a friend in the cast, to practice with and stuff.  I'm not sure being a skater was the best choice of clique, I only chose it cause hanna was there, but I do NOT know how to act or dress like a skater, EIther wayy, the dances are fun, and I'm starting to get the hang of both ot them, well the first half of the first one anyway, the second half is dubiuos

I can't believe after all these years, after my obesession becomes so old it's practically fossilized, he can still make me nervous, still it's fun knowing all the lyrics, I intend to capatalize on that while I can before everyone else learns the songs.  Just because I didn't get Darbus doesn't mean I can't be of help.  

Oh frak, I'm late, TO CERAMICS (lol

May. 1st, 2007

at school

Ok, I'm at school and not working on my independent study I'M GONNA I SWEAR

Ok, i asked him, he said yes and I feel weird, really weird, not to mention that today is the last day to buy tickets.  Prom is not my thing, I should stick to sleepovers and anti-prom parties, but whatever.  I asked him, I'll enjoy picking out a dress and I just gotta not e nervous abut this.  He's a good friend

and my dad is being really annoyin, and even more annoying because he's right

heroes was AWSOME last night, I mean Peter was so DAMN sexy with his scar and having control of his power and everything, and future Hiro kicked s much ass it's sweet, ester and I were kavieling the whole time, it was great to watch it with a friend, and Mohinder is good in the future, Man Matt was creepy, and HIRO STILL IS THE MOST AMAZING GUY EVER 

I am SO GLAD I met ester this year, she's AWSOME.  I'm a tad exasperated at the moment if you havn't ben able to tell.  I'll write here till the end of this maud and then I'll start woking on my independent study (again) 

I can't believe my dad outlawed that shir, it was really cute. , but this shirt was a better chice anyway.  I just gotta remmber to change in time.  I will change it time.  maybe I'll get some half decent poetry done in engish today, much more useful then the pygmalion I can tell you that

Ms. Dashoff is not here, COOL, won't b e going home though, cause my dad will be there.  WILL I EVER GET ANY AFTER SCHOOL PRIVACY.  apparently not, I can hope for tomorrow or something.  I'm currently hiding from people, and by the way I"M GONNA KILL JEN,

I guess I never knew how incapable she was of keeping her damn mouth shut, god, that was thwe most frakingly ackward thing i have ever had to do in my life.  Why can't I just graduate and be done with everyone her, except maybe ester (don't be offended everyone, I'm just exasperated and hungary

I'm hungary, I want food, so I'm gonna go get some ttyl

Apr. 27th, 2007

my first entry, cool

I guess I finally figured out my livejournal, cool.  I you happen to be readin this ashley, could you tell me some othersI could add to my firends list.I guess I'll eramble a bit ore something.  it's 11:30 and aI'mm on my mom's computer waiting for my computer to load, and it won't. I wanna go on AIM and talk to people, but the mean old computer won't let me.

Tried out for high school musical, results were dubious

tried to ask a guy to the prom, results were dubious

tried to find my way to a place incambridge, results were catastrophic.  my mom and I thought we'd been jigoku shoujoed there was so many strokes of bad luck.  blah, all in all I've had a very weird day.

and this keyboard sucks, soI'm making mondo grammer mistakes.

should be a good weekend, hell, no dad,so it'll be an awsome weekend.  WILL THAT STUPID COMPUTER EVER TURN ON

it will, oh yess it will (evil laugh) I WANNA AIM

sry, it's late, and I've had a weird day, now I rambling.  maybe i should adjourn ttyl

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