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College :(

I really don't know what to say, except that after only five days I'm failing college life miserabley, I'm a really annoying roomate I can tell, I mean I try not to be but i get the feeling that I'm now a much more annoying person then I was, or judgine that by the way that no one seems to want to talk to me, or they just look at me like they pity me or will catch weird if they stay with me for too long.

Also apparently college students don't play children's card games (haha little abridged refrence for you there)
ollege life, I mean they've pretty much assured me I'll never be alone with a guy in my dorm, drink, go to a party, or pretty much anything of that kind.  I was lucky in high school,I had plenty of friend who had no interest in that sort of thing, but they make that sound like it's Impossibkle to avoid that sort of thing
Whatever, I can't concentrate, I'm freaking out, can't concentrate on my homework and I'm the ugliest girl in my dorm, maybe that's why everyone looks at me that way, I hate it here for now, I'm trying to tell me it'll get better


it will get better. It took me through most of second semester to find a solid group of close friends. Just hold out =)

February 2008

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