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Dad, seriously do you have bipolafr disorder or something, I mean seriouslyy wjhat was that all about last night.  everyone knows that half teh fun of working at a cclothing store is the employee discount, it's not a matter of NEEDING clothes, its a matter of SHOPPING dear god, you just dont't get it,

and we don't arguie, yeah you just keep telling yourself that dad, keep up your little dilusional world were everything fitst in your pefrect little worlfd of rules, lies and honestey, I hate you, I love you, but I hate you and I can't rememeber ever being this mad.  I'm already in therapy becasue of you and I'll probably be in a physicatric ward noew, I'm sorry I'nmm such a giganto dissapointment odf a daughter.  If I had my way I woudn't even come home today, or for that matter ever, 

you act as if I have no other parents, you're being sso damn utterly ridiclous, and stupid and annoying and ridiclous and annoying, you are not a single parent, anything of value I learned about anything, I learned from my mother, she and I have an awsome relationship

Why are you being so irational about the prom pictures, what is the big fraking deal, I hate you so much right now, EVERYBODY goes to theior forends houses before prom EVERYBODY you're lucky I'm not drinking there, HA that would show you

You know what else woyuld showe you, if I tiold the truth all the time.  If I told the trruoth all the time, you would see why I lie, it's as much for your benefit as for my own.  and uf your not careful, I may start this policy.  you'd besorry then.  we go an aftdrnoon without fighting and that is exactly what I will do dad, deal with it.   and now to go to my guidance counselor, and call that number,AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


February 2008

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