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SEE I am updating!!

how many time have I mentioned him in this blog, more often then I'd like, how often do i think about him? even more. it all just stems from not knowing, that's always what kills me, not knowing i have one more day to learn, and hopefully to understand.

 now also, brunch with my grandparents, that really stinks, pappap has cigarette breath and he always looks at me in a weird way.  patty always fusses over me and they always ask me all these questions, while i will be trying my hardest to not only be ignored, but keep from being bored, not at ALL an easy feet, usually a good notebook will do the job I KNEW it was a good idea to bring my journal, if i sit on a corner next to allyn,, I will not have a problem

I miss Hanna,, and I'm gonna miss ester and Casey and everyone else whose gonna leave for the summer, especially when I'll hardly ever see any of them in the fall you know what galadriel said

"the world is changing, i feel it in the water, i smell it in the air, all that once was is lost, for none now llive who remember it"

to tired to be any more deep then that ttyl


feat not feet :P (Dungeons and Dragons does teach things!!!)

February 2008

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